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 “After years of production experience, Pan Animation is our go-to solution for any of our VFX needs” 

Micky Rabinovitz | Light Stream | Producer



At Pan, it’s our job to see things through.
To make your project so spectacular it will amaze you every time you watch it.
That way, everyone who sees your work will enjoy it even more than you did. We work at the front end of Israel’s film and television industry and we dream, breathe, and live to support our client’s vision.

Visionary services


Explosions, water simulations, building destruction, and a 90-million-particle foggy creature. VFX is our flagship, bringing your compositions and story into uncharted territory.

3D animation

3D animation is by far the best way you can tell a unique story. Using the latest technology and software, our 3D animation visuals will materialize your imaginative world.


We composite concerts of visuals. Taking existing or pre-made visual materials and rearranging them is our bread and butter. We put everything together to bring your story to life.


Our holistic approach to the entire production process and our versatile tool kit means that we work in parallel on multiple types of projects: VFX, 3D animations, and compositing. Here are some of the projects we are passionately contributing to at the moment.



“Animo” is the Latin word for mind.
Our vision is to serve your vision.
You now own the power of a talented A-team. Your creative intentions combined with our passion for art will make every frame, image, and composition you can imagine pixel-perfect.

Ariad is one of the most talented and pleasant VFX supervisors I have ever worked with. It is reason enough for me to keep coming back every time for new projects.
Kobi Mahat / Director and scriptwriter


Check out some of our latest and greatest – these feature films were viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers in cinemas all around the world.

World Wide Exposure

Pan studio is honored to have taken part in exclusive projects that were officially selected and won awards in different film festivals around the globe.
From “A festivals” like “Tribeca Film Festival” to more niche underground festivals like “Cinema South Festival”.


Pan Studio is focused on supporting your storytelling needs by creating visuals that stand out. Passion, precision, and artistic vision are our top priority and a part of our secret sauce for adding a stunning visual touch to your project. Our expertise comes into play in  serving your needs in all sorts of ways :


Creativity is at the core of every successful media project we collaborate on. Understanding the story behind your vision and enhancing its emotional impact, is the essence of our work.

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artistic vision

We love ALL technical aspects of our job. Even if it’s just aligning an army of geometric shapes for you, we do it with joy. But the most important tool in the studio toolbox is understanding the client’s artistic aspirations.

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dynamic pipleline

Integrating several work approaches, software and techniques enables us to quickly move from one aspect of the project to the next. Storyboard, visual effects,  computer-generated imagery, 3d animations – these are all part of our services

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We continually learn and implement new techniques and technological advancements to cut work time and maximize the project resources using various automation approaches.

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God is in the details, and we know that the measurement tools are in your hands. You help us understand your needs and your wants so that we can create something that is either EXACTLY what you hope for or way better.

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visual storyteller

Consistently being true to the story is a must when approaching new projects.
Every composition, frame, and pixel is there to enhance and push forward the story and the plot. There are no renegade pixels in our stuff.

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“It’s always a pleasure – both professionally and personally to work with Ariad on projects in need of VFX. He is the ultimate pro and the perfect collaborator. I had the privilege of working with him on multiple projects with challenging demands and even more challenging budgets and Ariad delivered every single time. .”

Yaron Arazi | Director and Showrunner.

Other Projects

Sometimes we get to do different and exciting new projects like music videos, 3D set creation for the Augmented Reality Theatre show and commercials – check it out here.

With an

“After years of production experience, Pan Animation is our go-to solution for any of our VFX needs”

Micky Rabinovitz | Light Stream | Producer

“Whenever Light Stream Israel goes on a project, there is one service provider we never skip - Pan Animation is our Go-To solution for any of our VFX needs. After years of production experience all around the world, we chose Our award-winning feature Films to have Pan Animation’s professional VFX signature. From the pleasant service to the High-end quality of the work, it's always a joy teaming up creating scenes that made hundreds of thousands of viewers cry, laugh, be amazed and connect with our storylines”

The 'Well' TV Series Making Of

"I recommend Ariad for every animation project because he is a true professional."

Michal Zohar | Project Manager | Ashdod Museum of Art

As part of my work at the Ashdod Museum of Art, managing the project of establishing the Green Submarine Visitor Center, Pan Animation Studio Accompanied me all along. I consulted Ariad and he guided me step by step patiently and professionally. Working with Ariad was professional, Educating, and enabling. Everything is done calmly, without giving up the smallest detail, and with no compromise. And so was the result. I will recommend Ariad for every future project because he is a true professional.