We composite concerts of visuals. Taking existing or pre-made visual materials and rearranging them is our bread and butter. We put everything together to bring YOUR story to life.

Projects like “Hero in the Sky”, “Sublet”, and “Snowland” are only a few of the projects we created that rely heavily on compositing, visual effects and 3D assets pre-made for these feature films.


What is compositing?

VFX and 3D animation compositing integrates digital assets (computer-generated) with live-action footage to bring together the final shot of a film or game.

Compositing is our final step in the VFX pipeline. We layer together various elements in a way that makes them appear hyper-realistic if needed and as if they belong in the same space.

For example, a production company shoots a background (referred to as a plate) that contains live-action materials. We composite our effects and newly-created 3D or 2D footage (sssets) into that scene, additional chroma key actors footage might be added and we get the final Looks that the director intended according to the story and planning.

The compositor may be in charge of creating entire worlds or merging worlds on one end while on the other end, adding small details like lens flare or cleanups to achieve a better composition and look.



Explosions, water simulations, building destruction, and a 90-million-particle foggy creature. VFX is our flagship bringing your compositions to uncharted territory.

3D animation

3D animation is by far the best way you can tell a unique story. Using the latest technology and software, our 3D animation visuals will materialize your imaginative world.