Hilula (2023)

Hilula (2023)

Following a prophetic dream about the grandfather of Prosper, the family members and neighbors embark on a journey to perform a Hilula at the grave of Baba Sali in Netivot. Due to a navigation mistake, they accidentally end up in the heart of Gaza and get kidnapped. The captives do everything in their power to escape, while the neighborhood troublemakers devise a plan to rescue them from the outside. Will they manage to reach the Hilula?

Director: Ariel benbaji
Script by: Daniel Asayag, Shalom Asayag
Lead Cast: Shalom Asayag| Evelin Hagoel| Ofer Shechter|Daniel Asayag| Shlomi Koriat| Linor Abargil| Tzachi Noy| Erick Mishally

Producers: United King Productions, Moshe Adri, and Yoav Gross Productions



The plot of the movie, which is being written with the characters from the series, tells the story of a journey taken by the family and residents of the neighborhood to a Hilula in Netivot, at the grave of Baba Sali, following the prophecy of  Prosper, portrayed by Shalom Asayag.