King Khat (2021)

King Khat (2021)

Comic drama in cut-out animation. The story of the Israeli scientist who became an international drug baron.

based on a true story.

Director: Uri Marantz
Writer: Uri Marantz
Lead Cast: Oshri Cohen

Producers: Elad Peleg


Gabi, a young Israeli scientist became fascinated by the psycho-active influences of the Khat plant. After a thorough study of the Israeli law of illegal substances he was surprised to find that Cathinone – the active substance in Khat- was not listed as an illegal drug. Following this revelation, he decided to try and synthesis the molecule by himself. What began years ago, as a non-harmful local home experiment developed into a full-blown international operation that changed global approach toward drugs in a profound way. His synthetic Cathinone became known as Hagigat, the famous legal drug that conquered the streets of Tel-Aviv. Later, applying the same principals he created more than 30 new psycho-active molecules, and distributed them all around the globe.