Perfect Strangers (2021)

Perfect Strangers (2021)

Seven childhood friends with a lot of shared history and experiences, and a mutual death from their past, meet for dinner to watch a rare lunar eclipse. Their standard bourgeois encounter takes an unexpected turn when they start playing
a game that’ll change the course of their lives 
forever: each text message, call, or notification they receive on their phones – is revealed for all to see. Betrayals, lies, secrets, and unresolved issues dating back 20 years simmer to the surface

and put their long-standing friendships to the test.

Director: Lior Ashkenazi
Writer: Galit Hoogi & Noa Erenberg
Lead Cast:

Hanan Savyon | Rotem Abuhav | Yossi Marshak | Moran Atias | Guy Amir | Shira Naor | Avi Grayinik

Producers: Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Micky Rabinovitz, Maya Amsellem, Sharon Harel-Cohen

Co-Producer: Or Vivante , Avital Yosefi