Visual Effects



Getting down to business – explosions, water simulations, building destruction and a 90-million-particle foggy creature are all – “been there done that”.

VFX is our flagship, bringing your compositions and story to an uncharted territories.

What is VFX?

Visual effects (VFX) is the term for computer-generated imagery. It is created, manipulated, or enhanced for film, TV or any medium, and produces images that cannot be obtained with live-action shooting.

VFX is the integration between actual footage and this newly-created computer-generated imagery resulting in realistic-looking environments, characters, and effects for the context. Whether it is action that is too dangerous to actually shoot, or images that just don’t exist in reality, VFX is the way to go. We use computer-generated imagery (CGI), and particular VFX software (Maya, Houdini, After Effects) to make it happen. We communicate with producers, directors and cinematographers to determine which scenes require the use of VFX.

Visual effects are different from special effects because visual effects require a computer and are added in after shooting. Special effects, or SFX are realized on set — they are things like purposeful and controlled explosions, fake gunshot wounds, etc.

An example of VFX would be the dragons flying through the air in Game of Thrones, or a spaceship flying through space in Star Wars.


3D animation

Explosions, water simulations, building destruction, and a 90-million-particle foggy creature. VFX is our flagship bringing your compositions to uncharted territory.


We composite concerts of visuals. Taking existing or pre-made visual materials and rearranging them is our bread and butter. We put everything together to bring YOUR story to life.